How I learn about mathematics education

I’ve noticed that my experiences in #etmooc very much parallel my learning experiences on a regular basis, except that they are now branded and slightly more focused on a different topic – connected learning.

  • I participate in weekly chats on #mathchat whenever I have the time.
  • I follow hundreds of blogs on mathematics education.
  • I watch videos on mathematics education and infrequently participate in webinars related to the same.
  • I read books on mathematics education.
  • I work with my colleagues to improve our mathematics instruction on a daily basis.

None of the learning experiences I’ve had through #etmooc have been different (except for the focus). So it leads me to wonder, why don’t more people have these types of learning experiences on a regular basis given that they are freely available?



PS. I know that people complain about not having the time to participate, which I get. I’m busy too. I have to balance my desire to learn more against my family life as well, and lately, family life has been winning, but I always carve out some time each to learn a little bit more about my field each day. I couldn’t give up learning more about education any more than I could give up breathing.