How to solve a song by Karen Cheng

Karen Cheng demonstrates fairly convincingly that music and mathematics are linked. This video is definitely worth watching.

How could this be incorporated into the classroom? Any ideas?



  • David Miles wrote:

    Easy. Grade 7 – we did a music/mathematics inter-disciplinary unit – studied the fractions in music, had the kids make musical instruments. Use this video as part of the initial development of the unit, perhaps while posing the Unit Question. In music, talk about composing music. Combine the two. Have the kids compose some ‘classics’, then get up in assembly and play/sing them.

    Great video, lots of fun.

  • David Wees wrote:

    That’s an awesome project idea. Love it. Can bring Design & Technology, Mathematics,and music all together into one project.

  • really interesting — I can’t wait to share this!

  • Gianni Liberti wrote:

    I also appreciated her work. Found her on google, btw

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