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Apps for the math classroom

Here is an incomplete list of companies making apps for the math classroom. As far as I know, every application made by these people is fantastic.

  • The NY Hall of Science has recently published a series of science and math apps for the iPad.
  • Motion Math has some great low-cost math apps.
  • DragonBox has 4 really high quality math applications, all of which I have personally played and tested with my son. These are the most expensive apps on this list but also some of the best apps available for learning math.
  • BrainQuake’s math puzzles will present a challenge for people of all ages while being accessible to young children.
  • Geogebra is cross-platform and a must-have for people interested in constructing and exploring their own interactive math activities.
  • Desmos is a fantastic online graphing calculator which can be installed and used on many different types of devices.

As I learn about more companies publishing apps for the iPad (and as I have time!), I’ll update this list. I know there are lots of apps that I’m missing but this is what I had time to put together this morning.