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Riley Lark recently shared Activeprompt, which is a way for one person to create an image prompt that can be used for a variety of different purposes. Riley released the code for Activeprompt as open-source, but in the programming language Ruby, which I do not know. I’ve created my own version of his project in PHP. I am also releasing my code (for non-commercial purposes only).

Here is a video explaining the project.

How to use this program:

  1. You upload a picture and write a prompt to go along with that picture.
  2. You send the link to the poll to whomever you would like to respond (like your class).
  3. You open up the other link listed after you create an image to view the responses to your prompt as they are posted.
  4. You can view a gallery of different prompts here (requires login: please let me know if you see anything inappropriate here).

I have plans to add a log in (so there is some level of security on what is posted), the ability to book mark prompts, and the ability to clone a prompt (allowing you to reset the results for a new class).

What other features would you like to see? How could you imagine using this with your students?