Monthly Archives: April 2013

Seymour Papert on Mathematics Education Reform

Recommended: Find time to watch this talk by Seymour Papert.

Powerful ideas in math

There are some ideas in mathematics which are powerful tools for thinking. I’ve enumerated some of them below. Equivalence This is the idea that some things are the same as each other, and that some things are not. We see equivalence taught through early arithmetic and algebra. We also see this idea taught through trigonometric […]

How to learn about technology

I’m working on a presentation (for a staff meeting) on how to learn about technology. Technically, my title should be, "How to learn how to use technologies tools for specific tasks" but this isn’t very catchy. I’d love to some feedback. Are there any techniques you use to learn how to use technology that I’ve […]

I’m moving to NYC

  Back in November I talked to my head of school to let him know that I was seeking leadership opportunities. I love my school, it is a fabulous place to work, and one of the things I love about it the most is that everyone has some shared responsibility for leadership in different areas […]

Gender bias in education

Mark writes: "Here’s a really interesting experiment to try, if you have the opportunity. Visit an elementary school classroom. First, just watch the teacher interact with the students while they’re teaching. Don’t try to count interactions. Just watch. See if you think that any group of kids is getting more attention than any other. Most of […]

How can social media facilitate transformation in education?

I believe that social media has the potential to facilitate a transformation in education in a way that no other communication tool before it has. First, social media allows teachers to learn about ideas outside of their school or school district. Too often we are isolated within our classrooms, within our schools, and within our […]