Here’s the basic idea, which someone (and who that someone is, I’ve forgotten) suggested on Twitter; we should all host local #edchat tweetups, ideally at about the same time. One suggested time period would be during the GlobalEd conference ( dates suggested by @iEARNUSA ) which would mean the tweetups would be scheduled during the week of November 14th through the 18th. These are not the firm dates though as I do not want to interfere in anyway with the GlobalEd conference. It might be better to host these in the week prior to this for example…  See below.

Each local organizer will fill out the form linked below and indicate the date, time, local venue, and geographic location of their tweetup. The local organizer would be responsible for advertising to their local Twitter community, and for keeping some sort of record of the #edchat tweetup. This would encourage more of our network of teachers on Twitter to meet each other. I will also take the information from the form and turn it into a Google map of all of the various tweetups occurring.

As an organizer, you could also:


Submit the details of your tweetup here:


Update: It looks like it will be too much of a conflict with November 14th through 18th and the Global Ed conference, so I’m moving the dates of the Tweetups to the week of November 21st through November 25th.