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The PALS program – hope there is more to it than this

  This is a video of a teacher sharing an example of the PALS math curriculum in action. The pedagogy in this video though frustrates me though, and although the idea of Peer Assisted Learning Strategies (PALS) seems good, I don’t think the approach this teacher took is very good. She’s using rewards to encourage […]

Numeracy for preschoolers

Bon Crowder has started an initiative to embed numeracy in the early lives of children via their parents, which she calls Count 10, Read 10. The basic idea is to split up the 20 minute of reading for parents into 10 minutes of numeracy and 10 minutes of literacy every day.  Most parents aren’t reading to their […]

ViHart and the Khan Academy

This is one of the best videos I’ve watched from the Khan Academy. Thanks to Vi Hart for sharing it. It makes me wonder if one of the problems with screen-casts is that there is no questioning happening? Perhaps there should be more collaborations like this?

The difference between a question and a quiz

A question is a statement which is asking for the answer to something for which the teacher honestly does not know the answer. A quiz is a statement which assumes that the teacher knows something about the statement, and is checking to see what the person being asked knows. As John Holt suggests, a quiz demonstrates […]

A problem with the problem-solving process

Problem solving in life is rarely a linear process. In fact, when I think about how I solve problems, I find myself using something like the following process.     I try out different strategies for solving the problem, but I don’t start with the same strategy all the time, nor do I follow the […]

Math in the real world: Sound

This is another post in my series on math in the real world. Vi Hart explains much of the mathematics behind noise in great detail, so watch her awesome video below. Thanks to @delta_dc for sharing it with me.   Notice her use of Audacity? I think we could quite easily turn this into a […]

Multiplication tables in binary

A binary number is a number written in base 2 format, like 101010101111.  The binary number system is handy because it can be easily related to logical operators used in circuitry, and so almost all modern computers use this format for communication. We use the decimal system for communication in our day to day lives […]

Group for Canadian educators on LinkedIn

(Image credit: Christopher Policarpio) I’ve been using LinkedIn a bit more recently, and thought I should join a couple of groups. I looked for a group for a Canadian Educator group, and found one with a few people who had joined it, but it looked like it was being sponsored by a recruiting agency, and […]

How can we create math land?

"If we all learned mathematics in math land, we would all learn mathematics perfectly well." ~ Seymour Papert.     What does math land look like in your classroom? Can we create a space where kids think mathematically, and where the language of the classroom is mathematics?

Paulo Freire and Seymour Papert

This is an amazing discussion between Seymour Papert and Paulo Freire. Watch the videos below. They discussed a fundamental issue in education; should the institution of school, which they call the second phase in learning, continue as it is? Both men agree that this second phase has an enormous problem, which is that kids learn […]