Monthly Archives: March 2011

Lecture – from a student’s perspective

What does your classroom lecture look like from a student’s perspective? I had my students video tape my lesson from a few different places in the room, and I’ve created these videos to demonstrate what it might be like for students with various learning differences. I’m by no means an expert in this area, but […]

Female educational theorists

I asked a really stupid question, and as the list of responses and suggestions came in, I started to feel more and more embarrassed. My question was, who are the female educational theorists. In my head, I was thinking of Dewey,  Piaget, Gardner, Gatto, Holt, Friero, and other male educational theorists and wondering where all […]

We need to come up with a more compelling why

Thank you to @gcouros, @shannoninottawa and @stephen_hurley for sharing this fantastic TED talk with us on Twitter. It is definitely worth the watch. So how does this talk apply to education?  There is a growing group of educators who believe that there is a problem with the US education system. There is also a growing […]

Do these glasses end up with the same amount of each type of soda?

First watch this short video created by Dan Meyer so you understand the problem. [WCYDWT] Coke v. Sprite from Dan Meyer on Vimeo. I was having trouble wrapping my head around this problem. I saw people’s algebraic proofs, and I just felt there was something wrong with them. So I decided to construct a geomtric […]

Mathematics and Multimedia blog carnival

Here is the 8th Mathematics and Multimedia Blog Carnival for February (sorry it’s a few days late) with 8 interesting posts about mathematics. Evolution of the symbol for 8 8 is an especially interesting number. It is the number of bits in a byte for example, and the number of sides on a chess board. […]

An argument against summative grading

Beth Still asks in a recent blog post After being on Twitter for nearly 3 years I have learned to spot a bandwagon from a mile away. The latest bandwagon to come along has the words, “Let’s Abolish Grades!” written on the side of it. Maybe I am not as forward thinking or as innovative […]

Cost of switching to Open License materials

I’m curious about the cost of textbooks in British Columbia, because I wondered, after doing some brief calculations in my head, how much textbooks cost in British Columbia, and how much an open source licensing system would cost by comparison. I need some help with my math, because I can’t understand why are still using the […]