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How I learn about mathematics education

I've noticed that my experiences in #etmooc very much parallel my learning experiences on a regular basis, except that they are now branded and slightly more focused on a different topic - connected learning.

  • I participate in weekly chats on #mathchat whenever I have the time.
  • I follow hundreds of blogs on mathematics education.
  • I watch videos on mathematics education and infrequently participate in webinars related to the same.
  • I read books on mathematics education.
  • I work with my colleagues to improve our mathematics instruction on a daily basis.

None of the learning experiences I've had through #etmooc have been different (except for the focus). So it leads me to wonder, why don't more people have these types of learning experiences on a regular basis given that they are freely available?



PS. I know that people complain about not having the time to participate, which I get. I'm busy too. I have to balance my desire to learn more against my family life as well, and lately, family life has been winning, but I always carve out some time each to learn a little bit more about my field each day. I couldn't give up learning more about education any more than I could give up breathing.


About David

David is a Formative Assessment Specialist for Mathematics at New Visions for Public Schools in NYC. He has been teaching since 2002, and has worked in Brooklyn, London, Bangkok, and Vancouver before moving back to the United States. He has his Masters degree in Educational Technology from UBC, and is the co-author of a mathematics textbook. He has been published in ISTE's Leading and Learning, Educational Technology Solutions, The Software Developers Journal, The Bangkok Post and Edutopia. He blogs with the Cooperative Catalyst, and is the Assessment group facilitator for Edutopia. He has also helped organize the first Edcamp in Canada, and TEDxKIDS@BC.

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