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Doodling in Math Class with Vi Hart

 "If I am to have faults, I would rather they be my own." Vi Hart


Vi Hart is somewhat critical of math teachers in this video, and of systems which prevent exploration into mathematics in their desire to ensure that all students have equal exposure to mathematical ideas. Of course, as she points out, students rarely have exposure to mathematical ideas. Instead, what they usually experience are mathematical procedures to solve problems that aren't their own.

About David

David is a Formative Assessment Specialist for Mathematics at New Visions for Public Schools in NYC. He has been teaching since 2002, and has worked in Brooklyn, London, Bangkok, and Vancouver before moving back to the United States. He has his Masters degree in Educational Technology from UBC, and is the co-author of a mathematics textbook. He has been published in ISTE's Leading and Learning, Educational Technology Solutions, The Software Developers Journal, The Bangkok Post and Edutopia. He blogs with the Cooperative Catalyst, and is the Assessment group facilitator for Edutopia. He has also helped organize the first Edcamp in Canada, and TEDxKIDS@BC.

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