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Bias in assessment

Every form of assessment of learning has bias. This bias may be hidden, or it may be quite obvious. As Cathy O'Neil points out, assessment is a proxy for what we want to measure - learning. We cannot measure the building of connections between neurons that is happening in the brain directly (or even potentially understand what that growth even means) so we use a proxy in the form of an assessment of the externally visible signs of learning.

Access to computers

President Obama recently unveiled a plan to have broadband Internet access in every school across the United States by 2018. There's only one huge problem with that plan; according to the US government's own research, as of 2006, there was only one computer for every four students, and many of those computers are old.

What did you learn in school today?

I'm grateful that I work in a school where I do not believe that any of these (updated) lyrics by Pikku Myy apply. Via the Blue Skunk blog.



A Haiku About Behaviour

You sit there sullen,
Others determine your fate,
In you, I see me.

Things I did not learn in teacher college

The best leaders are the best learners


These are some things I wish I learned in my teacher training:

How first aid training is like mathematics education

(Image credit: drewleavy)

I talked to someone recently about first aid training, and they expressed their frustration at how ineffective first aid training usually is.

Creating effective presentations

I'm working on a presentation on creating presentations.


What other advice would you offer?


1.6 Million Homeless American Children


Host your own services

When you rely on a service, particularly a "free" (ad-supported services aren't really free) service, you always run the risk that whomever is maintaining and controlling the service will shut it down, or strip it of functionality so as to make it less useful (or even useless) for you. This happened to Google Reader, it almost happened to Delicious, it happened to Posterous; this list will continue to grow over time.


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