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If high jumps were run like standardized tests

Howard Kellogg suggested over on the Edutopia assessment forum that "While the "test" may represent the "bar" we have to clear, it is not the "bar" that must occupy our total attention." I think the analogy of clearing the bar is a good one for a number of reasons.

Misleading graphs

This graph, taken from Coca Cola's Water stewardship page, presents a very misleading picture on how effectively Coca Cola has improved their water efficiency.

Misleading Coca Cola graph

This graph for me highlights an important reason that we need to teach critical analysis of graphs and statistics. Do you see the problem with the graph? (Hint: check the scale of the graph).

TIMMS and Universal health care

Here are the top 10 TIMMS rankings for 2010 according to Wikipedia for math, science, and reading.

Race to Nowhere

We had our mock exams today for math. There are a pair of exams students take so that they get a feel for what their real exams will be like in May. At the end of the first exam, we had a break, and during this break, one of the students came up to me as I set up the room for the next set of exams.

“Mr. Wees, I left a note on the test paper I want my teacher to read,” she said tears in her eyes.

I looked at her and could see how upset she was so I asked her how she felt.

More tears came to her eyes as she said, “Not so good. I’m sure I totally failed that exam.”

You want feedback on your public education policy? Here's some feedback.

The Whitehouse has posted a form to gather feedback from parents, teachers, and students. I recommend adding your opinion about education in the United States here. Here is the letter I sent in through the form.

Dear President Obama,

Lecture - from a student's perspective

What does your classroom lecture look like from a student's perspective? I had my students video tape my lesson from a few different places in the room, and I've created these videos to demonstrate what it might be like for students with various learning differences. I'm by no means an expert in this area, but I want to add another perspective on why classroom lecture might not be the best pedagogical tool.


Female educational theorists

I asked a really stupid question, and as the list of responses and suggestions came in, I started to feel more and more embarrassed. My question was, who are the female educational theorists. In my head, I was thinking of Dewey,  Piaget, Gardner, Gatto, Holt, Friero, and other male educational theorists and wondering where all the women were.

We need to come up with a more compelling why

Thank you to @gcouros, @shannoninottawa and @stephen_hurley for sharing this fantastic TED talk with us on Twitter. It is definitely worth the watch.

Do these glasses end up with the same amount of each type of soda?

First watch this short video created by Dan Meyer so you understand the problem.

Mathematics and Multimedia blog carnival

Here is the 8th Mathematics and Multimedia Blog Carnival for February (sorry it's a few days late) with 8 interesting posts about mathematics.

Evolution of the symbol 8

Evolution of the symbol for 8


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