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Hacking the webinar format

How screen space is allocated in webinars

I've recently been tinkering with the format of an online webinar in an effort to make what happens in a webinar more engaging and "minds-on" for teachers.

Explaining subtracting negative numbers to my wife

Tonight my wife asked me why 4 - (-3) = 7. Apparently my son had "explained" it to her earlier tonight, but she hadn't really understood his explanation. So I gave it a shot.

First I tried the same explanation that seemed to work for my son when he asked me what 4 - (-3) would be earlier today.

Designing open-ended tasks - Part 2

This is continued from here.



Imagine a scale for the open-endedness of a mathematical task.

Open-endedness scale from not open-ended to very open-ended.

The Reform Symposium - Free online professional development for educators

Tomorrow, thousands of educators from various different countries are expected to attend a free 3 day virtual conference, The Reform Symposium, #RSCON4. RSCON will be held October 11th to 13th in conjunction with Connected Educator Month. The entire conference will be held online using the Blackboard Collaborate webinar platform. Participants can attend this online conference from the comfort of their homes or anywhere that has Internet access.

As I was travelling to St. Ives...

As I was travelling to St. Ives, I met a man who'd lived seven lives,
In each life he'd learned seven lessons,
Within each lesson he'd had seven chances,
With each chance he'd made seven mistakes,
With each mistake he'd found seven connections,
How many connections, mistakes, chances, and lessons are missed by those who fear to live?

I am not smart

I grew up in a household that read all the time, talked about the world as we thought it exists and imagined possible worlds, and had conversations all the time about anything that interested us. I had my first computer at age 8, and had the freedom to use it as I pleased, which turns out involved programming it. My world was rich with numbers. My toys were mostly things that I could build things with. My house had a hallway full of many thousands of books, and so I never ran out of something to read.

Math in the Real World workshop

Why do I use social media?

I may be presenting on social media use in education for a group of administrators in month or so, and a discussion I had on Twitter prompted me to think about why I use social media. An important aspect of any presentation on any tool is addressing the question; why should I use this?

Welcome to the no fun school

When my wife and I moved our family to NYC from Vancouver, we knew that we would have to get used to many changes, we just did not know how large some of those those changes would be.

We started our planning in January because we knew that finding an affordable place to live and a school for our son was going to be challenging. We created a map to overlay the information about schools we were gathering with information about rental prices. Very quickly we noticed a few trends.

Experimenting with random walks

Root 2 in visual form

Based on this image created by Matt Henderson, I decided to write something for myself that would explore other possible random walks, although mine are generated in a slightly different way than what Matt did.


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