The Great American Teach-Off

I’m part of the design team for Chalkbeat’s Great American Teach-Off and I’ll be coaching one of the pairs of math teachers.

From Chalkbeat:

The event, to be held in March at the SXSW EDU conference in Austin, Texas, will build on live-format shows that celebrate the hidden craftsmanship in other professions — think Top Chef, Project Runway, and The Voice — minus the competition. You can read more about the Teach-Off here.

The goal of this event is to highlight teaching as an intellectual activity and to make visible the invisible decisions that teachers constantly make when they teach.

If you wanted insight into teaching decision-making, who would choose? Which of these pairs of teachers would you like to learn more about their teaching?

Check out these really reflective teachers and help decide who will get their decision-making made visible for the world!




  • Peter Smyth wrote:

    The voting was a little tricky. But ok.
    Can we see the actual lessons being taught?

  • David Wees wrote:

    Unfortunately, these teachers did not have their lessons recorded, but I hope we will record the event in Austin. A theory we have is that ambitious teaching can be taught, especially to people who are reflective and pay attention to student thinking. So the plan is to coach the teachers in the use of a specific instructional routine, let them practice it in their classrooms, and then come to Austin to present what they have learned.

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