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Toxins in schools

(Image credit: Schockwellenreiter) It occured to me today that schools spend an enormous amount of effort to ensure that they are free of toxins for students. We ban common allergens from the school that are life-threatening for some students (like peanuts) and we build our schools so they do not contain asbestos insulation or lead […]

On motivating mathematics education

Here is a funny comic from the Fake Science blog.   The problem is, there is a kernel of truth in this satirical comic. Given most problems we will encounter in life, we would use a ruler to find the third side of a triangle. Obviously I think that there are good reasons to learn […]

Voices for Reform

If you don’t have time to blog about reform, just add your voice to the Voicethread below and answer a simple question: What do YOU think should be done about reform. (original photo by Aussiegall)

Reform Through Action

Today I participated in an event which was held simultaneously held in 16 other cities around the world organized by 350.org and the Vancouver Public Space Network.  On a very cold day in Vancouver, we headed to David Lam park and stood around a field holding green umbrellas. We arrived early in the morning and draped […]