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My first semester as a teacher – part 9

…continued from here… Yes, I sold my soul to the administration of my school.  In exchange, I got to keep my job. Well, actually how it worked out was this.  We had a special department meeting about a week before grades were due in which it was discussed that if our students did not pass our […]

My first semester as a teacher – part 8

…continued from here… As the Christmas break loomed in front of me, I began to finally feel more confident in my teaching.  I had more classes which seem to run smoother, not many more, but a few.  A lot of these things though, in reflection, I really don’t think had to do with me. First, […]

My first semester as a teacher – part 7

…continued from here… There were some really bright moments during my first semester too.  I remember the first time my grade 10 class was completely silent.  They actually quieted down and we working away diligently on one of my many worksheets that year, and then one student blurted out, "Oh my god we are quiet! […]

My first semester as a teacher – part 6

…continued from here… Not everything about living in New York city was rosy.  Failure in the NYC schools was systemic.  It seemed that at all levels the system just didn’t work.  I spent nearly 3 months waiting for my first paycheck because it took that long to process all the new teachers each year.  There was […]

My first semester as a teacher – part 4

… continued from here …. One of the things I learned about early was my power to kick students out of class.  I was amazed, no one would have done this on a regular basis in British Columbia, you’d make the kids stand outside the classroom.  Not here though, I had this god power that could make a kid […]

My first semester as a teacher – part 3

… continued from here …. My first day of teaching I felt even less prepared for the experience than when I started student teaching.  I was very nervous as I waited for the students to trickle in.  Almost all of my students were on time though, and my 9th grade class started smoothly.  I remembered to introduce […]