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Alan Lishness – Indigenous Innovation: How Small Places can Change the World

I’ve read about this information about the Finnish schools before, but it is nice to have it all collected into one talk. My thanks to Adam Burk for sharing it. How does Finland do so much better than the US in education? They do everything differently. Almost no standardized testing, well prepared teachers, huge respect for […]

Build capacity in schools

I highly recommend finding an hour and watching this video (Thanks to @KenMLibby for sharing it). In it, Dr. Pedro Noguera shares some examples of effective ways we could change schools and speaks out against the ineffective reforms that have been enacted in the US for decades. Note that much of what Dr. Noguera suggests […]

The quiet revolution in education

(Clay Shirky: How social media can make history) While education reformers like Michelle Rhee, Joel Klein, Bill Gates, and others will tell you that education is stuck in the status quo, right underneath their noses there is a quiet revolution occurring in education. The revolution is happening through social media. Every day thousands of hours […]

Is there only one way?

(image credit: dionnehartnett)   One basic assumption we often have about life is that there is only way to get things done. We struggle to see paths other than the one before us. Sometimes we are so blind to the alternate views of reality that we construct arguments against why they are possible, rather than […]