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Pseudoteaching and the Edutainer

I recently came across Frank Noschese and John Burk‘s collection of posts on Pseudoteaching. In Frank and John’s words: What is pseudoteaching? This term was inspired by Dan Meyer’s pseudocontext, which sought to find examples of textbook problems that on the surface seemed to be about real world problems and situations, but actually were about […]

Final reflection: ISTE 2010

The ISTE conference is over, and I’m finally able to unwind and get a chance to reflect on the experience.  The conference was awesome for many reasons, but there was a reoccurring theme that happened during the conference, which to me was the most important part of the conference. When I first submitted my proposal […]

Conference feedback for the ASCD

Okay so after attending the ASCD conference this year I have a number of recommendations that I have for holding future conferences.  I don’t know if anyone will listen to these ideas, but there must be a better way to run these sessions.  Near the end of the conference, I got the chance to meet […]