Second BCed chat coming up July 25th at 7pm

Chris Wejr ( @MrWejr )  and I polled the #BCed chat channel on Twitter and found out that Monday nights work best for most people. So we are going to try to hold either weekly or biweekly chats about education during the year.

We plan on having our first chat on Monday, July 25th at 7pm. There seem to be enough of us still active on the #BCed Twitter channel during the summer time to make a chat worthwhile. Our first topic, as chosen by people who submitted responses to our survey is: "What should personalized learning look like in our schools?"

Please join us, and if you can invite a colleague who is not on Twitter to join in from the sidelines.



  • I love the idea of having weekly or biweekly chats! The only difficulty for me will be the time. What time will the chat go on until, do you think? You see, bed time for my children is 7-7:30ish, so I won’t be able to join until sometime after that – depending on how bedtime goes, that is.

    Great idea!

  • David Wees wrote:

    We are planning on the chat officially being an hour long, but generally these types of chats extend longer than the hour in most case, that’s just how long Chris and/or I intend to be moderating the chat. So if you kids end up in bed by 7:30, you should absolutely be able to participate.

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