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Recording Google+ Hangouts

Today, thanks to Aaron Mueller, Dave Zirk, Devin Page, Greg MacCollum, and Skip Via I had a chance to test recording of Google+ Hangouts. I have Camtasia Studio 7, which allows for screen recordings and has the option to record both system audio and the microphone. There are lots of other options out there for recording your screen, many of them free, but I don’t know which of them allows for recording of system sound, which is critical for making this recording work.




Aaron, Dave, and I discussed the Tour de France, and noticed that even in a highly competitive environment like the Tour, people collaborate extensively, at least within their team.

The audio of the recording is fine, except for a few places. The next time I record a Google+ hang out, I’m going to make sure I’m wearing headphones, which should handle the audio issues, which seem to be caused by a slight delay between the microphone being fed by the system speakers, and the system sound itself. However, the small audio glitches aside, Camtasia Studio seems like a highly effective way (if expensive) way to record Google+ hangouts.

If someone knows of a cheaper way to record system audio directly that is as easy to use, I’m all ears. I’d love it if I could find easy ways for students to record Google+ hangouts. I’m not tied to this particular technology itself, but if it works and isn’t too complicated, use it.

(Disclaimer: TechSmith, makers of Camtasia Studio 7, did not pay me for this post. I just like their product.)