Our school has a great program we’ve been working on developing for about 5 years and which finally got off the ground last year. One of our parents was travelling in Kenya and while in Mombassa she met a man who told her she absolutely had to look at this school he was developing. So the story goes, she went to the school he was working on which was in a poor area of town called the Kipevu district, and then she came back to our school and told us we had to help his school.

For five years we raised money, sent letters to and from the school, and worked on planning on a trip to the Kipevu Primary school ourselves. Last year we sent some students, a parent, and two staff members to the school. The experience was amazing! Our students blogged about the experience on our Kipevu website here.

Here’s a video one of our students produced about the experience. You can tell that this was a powerful learning experience for these students; probably the most powerful learning experience of their lives.

Karibu Kipevu.