The Mathematics and Multimedia Blog Carnival is now accepting articles for the next issue which I will be hosting at the end of February. Although any math article might be accepted, below are the revised criteria for blog carnival selection. The following will be the characteristics of the articles that will be prioritized.


1. Connection between and among different mathematical concepts

2. Connections between math and real life; use of real-life contexts to explain mathematical concepts

3. Clear and intuitive explanation of topics not discussed intextbooks, hard to understand, or  difficult to teach

4. Proofs of mathematical theorems in which the difficulty of the explanation is accessible to high school students

5. Intuitive explanation of higher math topics, in which the difficulty is accessible to high school students

6. Software introduction, review or tutorials

7. Integration of technology (Web 2.0, Teaching 2.0, Classroom 2.0), in teaching mathematics



To submit an article to the Math and Multimedia Blog Carnival, click here.

The Math Teachers at Play Carnival and Carnival of Mathematics are also accepting math articles for their carnivals. Please do not duplicate submissions.