ISTE 2011 Board Elections

I’m running for the International Society for Technology in Education General Board elections. Their objective is to promote and support the use of technology in education which is one I support largely because I personally support the appropriate use of technology in schools.

When I saw the board elections coming up, I decided to submit an application and nominate myself to the board. My application was accepted, and I’m now on the ballot for the upcoming elections for the position of the International Representative of ISTE. I’m running because I’d like to see some Canadian representation on the board, and because I want to get more involved in the educational technology community.

People who have strong opinions about educational technology should get involved with advocacy groups like ISTE. It is important that we get involved or we risk letting these organizations disappear, which means that educational policy on the use of technology will end up being shaped solely by business interests.

The opposition for my position is Julie Lindsay, who I think would also make an excellent representative for the International Representative of ISTE. Just make sure you log into the ISTE website (if you are an ISTE member) and vote for either of us before April 11th.



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  • I wish you luck in your quest! I have been curious about how technology is being used in Canadian schools. I saw this report of iPad being intrude to student in your country. I look forward to your victory lap. How to connect with you at the ISTE Conference.

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