I am a feminist

"Feminism is a collection of movements aimed at defining, establishing, and defending equal political, economic, and social rights and equal opportunities for women." Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feminism

Under this definition of feminism, I am a feminist. I hope that many educators would count themselves as feminists under this definition. However, we still have many issues around gender equality in our education system which we need to fix.

When we spend unequal amounts of money on our sports teams, and promote the boys’ sports more than the girls’ sports, we send the message to our girls that what they do is unimportant.

When we call on the boys in our class more than the girls and encourage reflection and deeper thinking from the boys, we are implicitly telling the girls that what they think is unimportant.

When we hire disproportionally more male administrators in schools than female administrators, we tell girls that they aren’t supposed to be in charge. In BC, for example, female teachers outnumber male teachers by a 2 to 1 ratio, but are nearly evenly split at the administrative level. While this is changing, we have a long way to go. Can anyone tell me why female teachers make, on average, $4000 a year less than their male counterparts in British Columbia?

When our prescribed learning outcomes do not specifically talk about the role of media in defining gender for our society, there is little hope that we can counteract the effect of media. Fortunately, gender is discussed in our curriculum in British Columbia, all of 14 times.

It is critical that each of us who are educators, who are helping shape the role of gender in our society, publicly identify ourselves as feminists. We must actively work to break down the rigid gender roles our society defines, because one of the places change happens in our society is in education, and if the inequality between the genders persists, it will be at least partially because of our inaction.



  • Wow, great post David. When I was doing my masters program, I fell in love with the work of Nel Nodding, Vivian Paley, Maxine Greene among many others. During one class, I blurted out “Hey, I am a feminist”. If Noddings stands for feminism, I want to be that; I want to stand for love, care, kindness, compassion and I want to lead my life with an “ethic of care”.
    Imagine the world if we were all “feminists”. Imagine the world if there was no word to describe what is currently defined as feminism… Other than normal behavior.

  • Thanks for great post! Chris, thank you, too, for your super comment. I, too, am a feminist, and I feel particularly strongly about the admin demographic being more representative of the school an admin serves. Ironic, to a degree, given that I am a white male vying for admin roles. An overly male admin team feels very out of balance – from experience.

  • Very feminine and awesome post.I really appreciate your effort 🙂

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