Fixing Math Education

I’m in the middle of researching different proposed solutions to "fix math education." I’ve started classifying these proposed solutions and am hoping I can get some help to look for more possible solutions, and to flesh out the arguments supporting each of these various solutions. I’ve also added some resources into this document (like videos & essays about math education) and would love it if people could add more videos in particular as well as pivotal essays discussing math education.

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I’ve embedded the document below if you’d like to read it without editing it. Please feel free to add comments to the document if you don’t feel comfortable editing it.



  • Anonymous wrote:

    Hey my name is Whitney Watson. I am an EDM 310 student currently enrolled at the University of South Alabama. I am studying secondary education with a concentration in mathematics. I look forward to reading more of your post. In this post there are many valid points given about math eduction today. The subject does need to be made more interesting by teachers and it is also important that we start working with students in math early on. Many people say they aren’t good at math or that it is there least favorite subject. As young people hear this it makes it seem ok if you don’t do well in math because others don’t. As teachers I feel that we need to encourage students to excel In math and as you said use real world examples as to how math can be beneficial in life.

  • Sue Hellman wrote:

    Hi David, I added my thoughts about needing a layer of big ideas that give context and meaning to math processes and concepts. You’ve heard this before, but I like to see it represented in print (LOL).

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