Blogging is like becoming a super-hero. It is a costume you wear and while you are in this costume you can say almost anything and speak your thoughts in ways you would never do while at work. You can choose a pseudonym, design the appearance of your costume, and feel like you have a kind of imperviousness if you choose anonymity. Even normally mild-mannered people can have their ferocious opinions shared and scrutinized.

You are a superhero while you blog because you give a voice to ideas that would otherwise remain trapped in your head, and through the proliferation of ideas will eventually come about the change our society so desperately seeks. In some areas of the world, just having a blog is considered a an act of heroism as the state seeks to control the minds of its citizens. When you blog, you become larger than yourself. You become a symbol of a movement, and a leader. You become a risk-taker and an adventurer.

When you go to work, of course, you shed this costume and become like Clark Kent. While secreting recognizing the inadequacies of the system, you follow orders and act meek to preserve your job and your public identity. You might have some small acts of rebellion, but by and large, you follow orders and lay low. Inside you might be a super-hero, but to everyone else you are merely ordinary. No one blames you for being Clark Kent at work.

There are many of us who have yet to done our costumes and join in sharing our thoughts. We could use more super-heroes! We need a stronger voice in the blogging community. Become a super-hero today, and start a blog. We need your voice.