So last weekend I finished my application to the GTA for Administrators.  My major reason for wanting to go to this conference is networking and for some more ideas on how to best use Google’s services. In any case, the application process itself was actually kind of fun, and I’m pleased with the results of my work with the 1 minute video which you can see below.

Now I understand that Google has created this academy for entirely financial reasons, as has pretty much every major player in the educational software business.  Basically, if you hook the policy makers, you are more likely to see your services spread all of which are built to support either their search services or their premium products.  I’m okay with that if what you produce is really worth using, it’s better than vending machines and bake sales.

Update:  Unfortunately my application was rejected.  Still I’m happy to have applied, it was totally worth the reflection I had to go through.