In 4 months, the grant that funds the consulting on curriculum and professional development I do with New Visions for Public Schools ends and unfortunately, it does not look like a new grant is on the horizon. Consequently, with blessings and support from my colleagues at New Visions, I am looking for either another consulting contract or full-time employment.

The work I do is extremely varied. This past month I:

  • Developed two weeks worth of mathematics curriculum for classroom use as part of this collection of resources,
  • Designed and ran two workshops for teachers on using mathematics curriculum aligned to Geometry and Algebra II curriculum,
  • Created interactive dashboards using Data Studio to display historical data from the NY Regents exam,
  • Wrote a script to automate responses to the thousands of Google Doc share-requests my colleagues were receiving,
  • Wrote a script to automate conversion of Google Docs into PDFs,
  • Created two videos examples of classroom teaching in action (example),
  • Double-checked that typesetting we had done is correct for thousands of math and science questions for this Google Sheets add-on,
  • Supported a new assistant principal to make plans for her math team,
  • Other smaller tasks related to supporting 80 or so secondary schools with their mathematics instruction.

Here is an overview of my professional skills.

I live on a small island off the coast of British Columbia, Canada where I grew up. It is beautiful and we are settled. If it is absolutely necessary, I will live apart from my family for at least part of the year, but ideal work for me would allow me and my family to remain where we are. I don’t mind traveling if it is necessary for work.

I’m looking for work that makes use of my skills and allows me to grow and continue to be challenged to learn new things.

You can help by:

  • Giving me encouragement and cheering from the sidelines,
  • Suggesting opportunities and organizations that will meet my needs,
  • Sharing my resume with people and organizations that you think may be interested in someone with my skills.