Monthly Archives: July 2012

Images to make one think about technology

Here are some images I’m collecting for future presentations on technology. Each of the images is intended to ask a question, and to have people reflect on their own use of technology, and our society’s use of technology.   (Image credit: Andy Hooper)     (Image credit: Wikipedia)     (Image credit: T Coffey)   […]

Education is not the Olympics

Students First (I won’t link to their website, you can find it yourself) has published a new video comparing the ranking of the US education system to a potential performance in the Olympics.   There are a huge number of issues with this analogy, but I’ll just bring up two. Countries which perform well at […]

What do I know?

What do I know about the most of the people with whom I connect online? Nothing. I know very little about their families, their history, their relationships, their beliefs about God, their dislikes, their intolerances, their emotions, and who they are. What I do know, I know only through their statements about themselves, so I […]

A thought experiment

Here’s a thought experiment for you (h/t to Dan Meyer for the sports analogy). Imagine you start learning the game of basketball by learning how to shoot free throws. At no point are you told what the point of shooting free throws is, or how being a good free throw shooter will help you play […]

Things good schools do

This is a bit of an experiment in collaborative writing. How it works is that you copy this entire post verbatim, and add one thing to the list below. If you put this on a blog, please tag this post with "goodschoolproject" if possible to make these posts easier to find later.   Good schools […]

Connected educator

I see a lot of people discussing the need to be an online connected educator. The only problem I’ve noticed is the why is sometimes missing or weakly argued in these discussions. Why connect? Why bother? What can I learn from educators a thousand miles away in a completely different context which is useful for […]