Yearly Archives: 2011

Computer based math presentation

Here are the slides from my presentation for the Global ed conference on Computer Based Math. I will share the presentation recording when I have it, as I had some great questions from the audience. If you are interested in discussing these ideas further, join the Linked In group. If you want to challenge my […]

Prepare students for life, not jobs

Should the goal of schools be to prepare students for jobs when they complete school? The answer to this question seems to be obviously yes to many people, but this naive answer is problematic for a few reasons. At the end of the 19th century, many educators agreed, the role of schools was to prepare […]

Mindshare Learn summit in Toronto

Yesterday I participated in the Mindshare Learning summit that happened at York University in Toronto. With only one exception, the talks and panels were very interesting, and I was pleased that almost no one said, "we need to prepare students for the needs of industry." Here is the summary of the tweets for the day. […]

Three modalities of learning via computers

I think most learning opportunities through computers can be broken down into one of three basic modalities. These modalities may be mixed (as is the case when one uses adaptive assessment, for example) or they may be a stand-alone use.   Computers as assessment This is the lowest level of computer use, in my opinion, […]

Objections to computer based math

At the conference I was at in London, we were discussing, what would a mathematics curriculum look like if the computational step of doing mathematics was something students did using a computer? Update: The video from this session has been posted by the Computer Based Math organization. See below.   Here are some objections shared […]

Math is not linear

Blanca Parra shared this Prezi with me, and I love it. It’s going into my collection of resources I can share with people about how we can change mathematics education. I wonder if we could get RSA animate or someone with similar skills to create a video related to this.   Math is not linear […]

Richard Feynman on Algebra

Just watched this video thanks to Deven Page of Richard Feynman talking about algebra. "They had invented a set of rules, which if you followed them without thinking you could produce the answer…" ~ Richard Feynman

New #BCed chat: What is the relationship between assessment and learning?

On this coming Monday night, from 7pm to 8pm PST, Mr. Wejr and myself are planning a Twitter discussion about the relationship between assessment and learning. The topic is fairly broad, and should allow for anyone interested in assessment to participate.  Make sure to use the #BCed hashtags in your tweets if you are participating, […]

Corporal punishment

When I think of the conversations we have on Twitter about the use of technology in education, I wonder why we don’t have this conversation more often; it is not okay to hit children, especially when those children are not your own (I don’t like this qualifier, but I recognize that parents have more rights […]

Adding machine – made with wood and marbles

Just thought I’d share. I wonder, could students construct something like this? h/t Open Culture blog