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Day: May 20, 2010

1 to 1 programs

This reminds me of the first school I worked at.  We always being promised things which weren’t delivered.

No, I did not exaggerate our 1 to 1 program. One pencil per child, that's what I meant. You can't honestly believe we could afford one computer per child, hahaha! the way the paper order has been delayed, that comes in three weeks. Good luck!

Educational Technology

Anyone ever feel like this is what happens when we talk about technology? That was my last job, so glad I’m working at a better school now…

(See the image version here)

Some educational humor

Check out this quick comic I made using  Maybe we can start  a whole series of comics on education, with our point of view on how education should (or should not in this case) be done using satire and humor to get our point across. (For those of you viewing this on an iPhone or iPad, check it out at as an image)