Monthly Archives: May 2010

End of Year Experiential Assessments

I’m very excited as this will be my first year using experiential assessments as an end of year task.  Every year before this I have been required to produce a "final exam" for each of my subjects, while for the past three years at least I have known the futility of measuring students ability accurately […]

Introducing Probability Using Settlers

This past week I was looking for a way to introduce probability to my 9th grade students.  One of the problems students have when they are first learning probability is developing some intuition about what to expect. I decided that one of the best ways to develop intuition about probability is to have some strong […]

Teaching Chi squared test

I tried something new this when I taught the Chi squared test.  Instead of focusing on the formal procedure that one must follow in order to use the test correctly, I focused on what we were actually DOING when we were doing the test.  As a result my students understood the test much more easily, […]

Museum of Math

An organization called the Museum of Math is having a contest to promote how Mathematics can be fun and exciting.  As per their website: "Mathematics illuminates the patterns and structures all around us. Our dynamic exhibits and programs will stimulate inquiry, spark curiosity, and reveal the wonders of mathematics." The idea of an organization which […]

1 to 1 programs

This reminds me of the first school I worked at.  We always being promised things which weren’t delivered.

Educational Technology

Anyone ever feel like this is what happens when we talk about technology? That was my last job, so glad I’m working at a better school now… (See the image version here)

Some educational humor

Check out this quick comic I made using  Maybe we can start  a whole series of comics on education, with our point of view on how education should (or should not in this case) be done using satire and humor to get our point across. (For those of you viewing this on an iPhone […]

How my PLN helped me yesterday

Yesterday I posted a question on Twitter.  It was a pretty simple one, I was looking for examples of portfolios people have created because I needed to find an example to analyze as part of one of my graduate courses. Within 10 minutes, I had a bunch of different examples from different people in my […]

Midway reflection on Apple Digital learning program

We are currently in the middle of what is known as the Apple Digital Learning Program.  I first learned about this program at a technology workshop sponsored by Apple way back in December, and through communication with my local sales representative, we submitted an application to host the DLP at my school. How the program […]

Keeping in touch with my dad

My father passed away a little more than a year ago, but through the internet he still lives on.  I missed him this morning, probably because of some of the environmental stories I was reading (he was a huge environmental and rights activist) and decided to look him up.   The first page I found […]