Monthly Archives: December 2009

Paper use in schools

So a while back I posted a link to an survey I conducted.  I didn’t have an enormous amount of respondents, but I’ll share the results with you. First it should be noted that there is some selection bias.  Actually probably LOTS of selection bias, given that this survey was conducted entirely online and that […]

Personal Learning theory revisited

I personally think people learn through an unconscious process called experiential learning.  They hypothesize about how the world should work, collect data, compare the data they have collected to see if it fits in their theory, and then revise their theory if they feel enough evidence has been found.  In this theory, as described by […]

Integration in the real world

I’m working on a simple project to explain to students the importance of learning integration (which is an important technique in Calculus).  The basic idea is this, take a model of something from the real world, like a car for example, and find the area represented by the model.  You can talk about the importance […]

What if education followed the open source model? What would it look like?

 I’m writing this post, inspired by Tim Gower’s Massively collaborative mathematics project.  The basic premise Gowers takes in his essay is that the power of many minds, working collaboratively, is much greater than a single mind, even in a highly technical field such as mathematics.  Gowers proposed working on a particular problem in mathematics, and […]

Using a different secure password for each website you visit

The problem: Passwords are ubiquitous today.  Everyone who spends any time online has many different passwords they need to remember.  Unfortunately the more passwords you have to remember, the more likely it is that you will forget some of them.  Some people get over this complication by using a bunch of different but simple to […]

Can educational technology save money for schools?

David Wees University of British Columbia (Download a copy of it here) Abstract The objective of this paper is to show that the costs of using educational technology are more than compensated by the savings schools can receive, provided the technology is introduced and used in the correct way.  So many schools are looking to […]

Awesome student work

I recently had students do a project where they apply the distance formula to finding the shortest path for a traveling salesperson to travel between 8 cities.  The basic idea is, the students use the longitude and latitude coordinates as substitutes for the x and y coordinates of the city, then they can use the […]

Personal Learning theory – updated

I’m working on my personal learning theory again, as a reflective activity in my Masters degree.  I created a very short summary of my personal learning theory before, and am now updating it to include vocabulary and ideas from the semester long course I just finished about learning theories.  I hope most teaching colleges offer […]