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Networked communities and E-learning Opportunities in Mathematics and Science

How can a networked community could be embedded in the design of authentic learning experiences in math or science? Part of my ETEC 533 course is to examine networked communities, such as Second Life (as an example of a multipersion world simulation), using resources such as PBS Nova Adventures (which provides the ability to hold […]

Online Geogebra training

Hi folks, I’m planning on doing an online training session, we’ll see if I get anyone to sign up!  The first 20 people to post a comment here will be registered in this free training session in Geogebra.  This limit of 20 people is only because restricts the free online sessions to 20 people.  I’m […]

How can Geogebra be used to help students understand and visualize mathematics problems?

In your inquiry e-folio, reflect upon knowledge representation and information visualization based on your post above and the discussion it generated with your peers. Ensure that you refer to the software you chose to explore. In my ETEC 533 class, we are in the middle of a really cool unit, and our task of this unit […]

20 reasons not to use a one to one laptop program in your school (and some solutions)

We have a 1 to 1 program right now at the school I’m at, and there are a lot of problems with it.  Initially I was for the program, but I am becoming more and more against it, especially with the current way our program is run.  Let me list the problems I’ve discovered so far:   […]

Questions about Edelson

To help me remember this issue for later, I’ve decided to explicitly post my responses to these questions in my blog.  Those of you who are not interested in my personal responses to a reading for my ETEC 533 course can safely ignore this posting.  🙂 Based on the reading, what broader educational challenges have provoked […]

Curriculum Resources for IB Mathematical Studies

Here are some links to my schemes of work I am currently using for IB Mathematical Studies, for Year 1 and Year 2, created in collaboration with Craig Molla. IB Mathematical Studies Year 1 IB Mathematical Studies Year 2 I also have my personal unit plans for IB Mathematical Studies Year 2 available: IB Mathematical Studies Unit Plans