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Education reform ineptness

"If you are absolutely no good at something at all, then you lack exactly the skills that you need to know that you are absolutely no good at it."

John Cleese

Perhaps this is part of the reason that so many education reforms that are attempted fail so badly? Could it be that at least some of the people involved in education reform are just so completely inept that they are not even able to judge their own performance at all?

The good news is, if you know you are bad at something, then at least you are not completely inept, because if you were, you might think you were good at it. The bad news is, people who are completely inept are unable to judge or recognize their ineptness, which may make them push ahead in ways which are harmful to the rest of us.

About David

David is a Formative Assessment Specialist for Mathematics at New Visions for Public Schools in NYC. He has been teaching since 2002, and has worked in Brooklyn, London, Bangkok, and Vancouver before moving back to the United States. He has his Masters degree in Educational Technology from UBC, and is the co-author of a mathematics textbook. He has been published in ISTE's Leading and Learning, Educational Technology Solutions, The Software Developers Journal, The Bangkok Post and Edutopia. He blogs with the Cooperative Catalyst, and is the Assessment group facilitator for Edutopia. He has also helped organize the first Edcamp in Canada, and TEDxKIDS@BC.

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