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Eric Mazur: Memorization or understanding: are we teaching the right thing?

I recommend this talk by Eric Mazur on why he switched his teaching from lecture based teaching to peer instruction based approach. It’s more than an hour long, but it really is worth it.   How does this change how we teach? How much of what students learn in our classes is actually learned? If a […]

Should labs be part of science education?

First some misconceptions about science:   What if we create really clear explanations to address these misconceptions?   What if we run experiments with students? What if they design their own experiments to test out their hypothesis? (Really recommend watching this until the very end.)   Are there some scientific facts which are useful to […]

Scripted creation isn’t creation, it’s assembly

(Image credit: toomuchdew on Flickr)   When I was a kid, I had a lot of Lego, most of which was given to me as birthday gifts, and came in nice neat boxes with instructions on how to build whatever was on the picture on the outside of the box. I would often follow the […]