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Tag: presentations

Keynote on Formative Assessment

I recorded some video and the audio from a keynote presentation I gave a couple of weeks ago. It turns out the video wasn’t all that useful, but I did a screencast of my presentation notes, and added the audio from my keynote to it.



Were I to do this again, I would definitely do a better job of summarizing my main points at the end, and I would probably explore more closely some of the different concrete methods through which one can do formative assessment.



Creating effective presentations

I’m working on a presentation on creating presentations.


What other advice would you offer?

Note: Open the speaker notes to view the image credits.

Math in the Real World – Video

I’ve created a video summary of the workshop that I facilitated recently on math in the real world. You can watch it below.

My presentation slides for the original workshop are here.

Presentations for tomorrow

I’m presenting at the ISABC professional development conference tomorrow, twice. Once on using Twitter as a professional development tool, and the other time on the use of technology in math class. I’ve embedded the slides for these presentations below. Both presentations are intended to be run as workshops so that participants will be expected to do just that, participate.

Geogebra Open Presentation writing

Google Docs has a really cool feature I’d like to try out.  The idea is that I have a presentation on Geogebra that I would like to host.  There was a lot of interest before, and unfortunately I had to cancel, but I’d like to try again.  I’m not a Geogebra expert however, just an enthusiastic intermediate level user.  I’d like to create a presentation for beginners to use, but don’t want to miss anything important.

That’s where you come in, if you are interested.  The idea is, I’ve created a presentation, which you can access at:

You can contact me through an online form at and ask for permission to edit the presentation, and I’ll send you an invitation.  You’ll have to start by creating an account at, but that’s pretty easy to do.  Once you have the invitation, you can edit/add to/delete from the presentation.  I’ve started with a basic structure, but there’s obviously lots of room for improvement.

Here is what we have so far: