I just watched this amazing TED talk by Jeremy Gilley.


I thought to myself, what I can do on this day to support peace? I’ve decided that one thing I will do is blog about peace, and share Jeremy’s message with everyone I know. I’m going to share the idea with my students, and we will brainstorm ways we too can get involved. World peace isn’t the job of one person, it’s everyone’s job.

I’d like to invite all of you to make similar vows. Follow @PeaceOneDay on Twitter and offer them our support. Use the hashtag #PeaceOneDay to share your blog posts about this idea. Share this idea with your students and ask them, if just for one day, can they set aside their differences and be at peace with each other? Can we set aside our differences as adults and be at peace together, at least for one day? Let us all set aside September 21st as a day where we all work toward peace.