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What should be on a high school exit exam in mathematics?

Personally, I think an exit exam for school (an exam a student needs to graduate from secondary school) is not necessarily the best way to determine if a student has been prepared by their school. That aside, some of sort of assessment of what a student has learned from their school, whatever form that would […]

Mumbo Jumbo

Algebra is just mumbo jumbo to most people. Seriously. If you asked 100 high school graduates to explain how algebra works, and why it works, I’d guess that 99% of them couldn’t, not in sufficient detail to show that they really deeply understand it. Remember that I am talking about high school graduates, so these […]

You need to give them the tools

Every elementary school classroom should have about $20 in change. Not fake money printed on a piece of paper, but real money. Yes, some of it will go missing over time, and you might need to lock it up depending on your community, but honestly it’s worth the risk. It’s only $20. Like it or […]

Computers should transform mathematics education

Stephen Shankland posted an interesting article on CNET today. Here is an exerpt from his article, which you should read in full. He says: Clearly, children need some understanding on their own of math, and reliance on a computer has a lot of drawbacks. But computers can also aid those who otherwise would fall by […]

Mathematical problem solving

Today I decided to record the process of solving a mathematical puzzle I found at the Project Euler website, in an effort to try and begin to analyze the problem solving techniques I use. My interest here is mostly in how the process unfolds, and the skills I use to solve these problems, rather than […]

Revamping Mathematics Curriculum

What if we revamped the mathematics curriculum to match the style of teaching Dan Meyer recommends? What would that look like? Watch the @ddmeyer video below from his TED talk, and then let’s look at how we can make specific changes to our own teaching practice, and talk about whether or not these are changes worth […]

Introducing Probability Using Settlers

This past week I was looking for a way to introduce probability to my 9th grade students.  One of the problems students have when they are first learning probability is developing some intuition about what to expect. I decided that one of the best ways to develop intuition about probability is to have some strong […]

Museum of Math

An organization called the Museum of Math is having a contest to promote how Mathematics can be fun and exciting.  As per their website: "Mathematics illuminates the patterns and structures all around us. Our dynamic exhibits and programs will stimulate inquiry, spark curiosity, and reveal the wonders of mathematics." The idea of an organization which […]

Why don’t all students react the same to feedback from their teachers?

There is lots of research which shows that human beings are complex.  In fact, although we can be modeled as groups of people mathematically in many circumstances, individual humans are too complex for mathematical analysis to much use in exactly predicting our behaviour.  However humans do follow patterns of behaviour, and we can predict what […]

Turning Math word problems into Math video problems

Last year I tried an experiment after being exposed to research about the Jasper project.  The basic idea of this project is, turn difficult word problems into authentic video problems which include potential extensions.  The experiment was this, have my students create the video word problems, and start creating a library of these problems to […]