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Six word story

In the spirit of a story Ernest Hemmingway probably never wrote, I was going to offer this as my six word story for #etmooc. "For sale: Master’s degree, never used." Unfortunately, it seems that this particular short story has been thought of before. It’s also worth noting that this particular piece of fiction does not […]

The difference between instrumental and relational understanding

  I recently found this article written by Richard Skemp that Gary Davis (@republicofmath) highlighted on his blog . I recommend reading the whole article. Skemp describes the difference between instrumental and relational understanding, and how the word understanding is used by different people to mean different types of understanding. He also makes the observation that what we […]

Story telling in mathematics

I tell a lot of stories when I teach, but not generally stories about my life or past stories of students. I use story-telling as a vehicle for explaining concepts that are difficult to understand when abstracted in symbols.  For example, when I talk about sums of arithmetic sequences, I start with the story of […]