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ISTE 11 Tweeters

Thanks to Daniel Rezac of Edreach, there is a list of all of the tweets that happened for the ISTE (International Society of Technology in Education) conference that happened last week.  From Daniel’s spreadsheet, I’ve created a list of the 2900 people who tweeted using the #iste11 hashtag during the conference. You can download it […]

Conference planners are obselete

  I just thought I’d share some numbers around just the conference planner, which I’m picking on because it is easy to quantify, but believe me there are plenty of other examples of waste here at ISTE. The ISTE conference planner is about 110 pieces of paper. Each book is about 30 cm long by 20 […]

Let’s run a greener ISTE conference

(Image credit: auntiep) Last year at ISTE, I saw a lot of waste, and I feel like we should be able to run a greener conference this year. Here are some recommendations. First, take advantage of the watering stations.  If you are planning on attending ISTE, bring a water bottle (or two). Make sure to […]

The Waste at ISTE 2010

  Update (2011): This absolutely as relevant for the 2011 conference as it was for last year’s conference. First, I want to preface what follows with the stipulation that although I had the complaints listed below, I really, really enjoyed attending ISTE and will attend again.  I’d just like the conference to be more environmentally […]