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Disrupting education

(Image credit: Steve Slater) I’ve read a lot of articles over the past few years about education is being disrupted. Most of these disruptions are focused on schools as systems (think financial disruption, not pedagogical disruption), not schools as ecosystems. The distinction is important. I’d like education to be disrupted as well, but I think […]

Improvement, not Innovation, is the Key to Greater Equity

Here is an excellent presentation by Ben Levin. Improvement, Not Innovation, is the Key to Greater Equity from CEA ACE on Vimeo. Here’s a great quote from his presentation. "How many of you have been involved in a pilot project? Okay almost all of us… How many of those pilot projects are still in operation? Virtually none of them…" […]

What could 3D do for language learning?

So I’ve had a thought about the direction of language learning.  I’ve been experimenting with 3D interactive worlds (specifically OpenSim), which are programs which let people interact with each other real-time in 3D.  Pretty cool stuff.  This is already being used to help people learn languages as many of the 3D servers offer the ability […]