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Geogebra simulations in math

I love using Geogebra! Take a look at the diagram below (use the slider to change the value of n) and then think about how difficult this one simple interactive diagram would be to recreate without the technology. Sorry, the GeoGebra Applet could not be started. Please make sure that Java 1.4.2 (or later) is installed […]

Don’t have Geogebra? Try it out here

I’ve embedded a web version of Geogebra (a free, cross-platform, geometry and algebra tool) below. It will take a little bit to load, and will only work in a web browser, but it is an easy way to test out Geogebra without installing it. Sorry, the GeoGebra Applet could not be started. Please make sure […]

Geogebra Open Presentation writing

Google Docs has a really cool feature I’d like to try out.  The idea is that I have a presentation on Geogebra that I would like to host.  There was a lot of interest before, and unfortunately I had to cancel, but I’d like to try again.  I’m not a Geogebra expert however, just an enthusiastic intermediate […]

Online Geogebra training

Hi folks, I’m planning on doing an online training session, we’ll see if I get anyone to sign up!  The first 20 people to post a comment here will be registered in this free training session in Geogebra.  This limit of 20 people is only because http://dimdim.com restricts the free online sessions to 20 people.  I’m […]

How can Geogebra be used to help students understand and visualize mathematics problems?

In your inquiry e-folio, reflect upon knowledge representation and information visualization based on your post above and the discussion it generated with your peers. Ensure that you refer to the software you chose to explore. In my ETEC 533 class, we are in the middle of a really cool unit, and our task of this unit […]

Ways to use Geogebra in a mathematics classroom

There are a lot of good open source programs out there, but not many of them have direct application to a mathematics classroom the way Geogebra does.  Geogebra is a software package for creating and manipulating geometric objects.  It also allows for graphing of funcitons and manipulating the functions in all sorts of interesting ways.  It […]