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List of resources for my ETEC 533 writing assignment

For my ETEC 533 class, I am planning on writing a short essay analyzing some current research on the effect of technology training for teachers on student achievement.  I’m interested in this because it combines two things I’m currently working on improving in my own professional practice, effective use of technology and leading professional development. […]

Reflection of our course discussion about the use of technology in the classroom

Part of any useful activity is to make sure you reflect upon the outcome of that activity afterward.  This reflection helps you improve your practice and retain the connections you have developed through the course of the activity for a longer period of time.  Sustainable practice is only possible through careful reflection. We just finished […]

Introduction to Technology in the classroom course

We are having a discussion in one of our classes, ETEC 533 (Technology in the Mathematics and Science classes) where we are all talking about how little support we’ve received over the years in our use of technology.  We’ve all come from different education programs, but a common thread is that these programs usually have […]

Analysis of video interview of a fellow teacher describing their views toward technology

Again, as part of my ETEC 533 class, we are supposed to interview someone who teachers mathematics or science and find out from them what their opinion and perspective is on the use of technology in a mathematics or science classroom.  The table below includes a partial transcription on the left of an interview with a […]

My analysis of two different video case studies on the use of technology in a classroom

These two case studies refer to videos I have watched as part of my Masters course, ETEC 533 and the copyright on the videos is unclear, so I am unable to show them here. Learning Environment 6 with Teacher G (Post-secondary Applied Science) This case study is about the use of a “clicker” or instant […]

An ideal classroom in which technology is used to facilitate real student understanding could exist, here’s how

Here is a quote from my class.  This guy has it right on. all students would have laptops with integrated cameras, microphones, speakers all students would work through configurable simulations of key concepts all students would have full-time access to all the knowledge (and cruft) on the internet students would track their own learning in […]

What are the characteristics of properly used technology in a mathematics or science classroom?

Here is a question posed in my class this week. What is a good use of technology in the math and science classroom? What would such a learning experience and environment look like? What would be some characteristics of what it is and what it isn’t? Here are my thoughts in no particular order. The […]

Thinking about my first experience with technology

I am currently working on my Masters degree in Educational Technology and as part of my current course we are to create an e-folio for keeping track of our observation.  One of our first assignments was to reflect upon an early experience in our lives when we were exposed to or used technology, and discuss how […]