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Sam Wineberg on the need to change how research is shared

If you are involved in educational research or you are interested in learning more from educational research, I strongly recommend watching this presentation by Dr. Sam Weinburg (via Dan Meyer). Dan does a good job of highlighting the strengths of this video, however I have this to add: most academic writing might as well be […]

What Does Brain Research Have to Say About Our Teaching?

My head of school started the beginning of the year by talking about brain based research.  He was told in a session he participated in during the summer that the use of sarcasm in a classroom can hamper learning. The reason for this issue with sarcasm is that, according to the presenter, negative emotional responses […]

Massively collaborative educational research

The book Wikinomics has really got me thinking about how collaboration happens in our society.  One of the area where I think massive collaboration would be really useful, but where it is underutilized is in the area of educational research.  Imagine the power of collaboration that we could have if hundreds of educators collaborated to […]