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I did professional development all wrong

Last year, I presented a lot on the need to improve mathematics instruction. I had pictures, I had questions, I had effective arguments, and my audience was engaged. I could present like the best of them on some of the ways that we can improve mathematics instruction. What I did not have was effective teaching. The […]

Converting degrees to radians

One of my students came up (with some help) this procedure for converting between degrees and radians. Memorize the fact that 60° is π/3 and that 30° is π/6. Note that 10° is therefore π/18 and that similarly 1° is π/180. You can then take any degree measure and convert it by converting the number […]

Constructivist teaching is not “unassisted discovery”

I’ve been challenged recently to provide research which supports "unassisted discovery" over more traditional techniques for teaching math. This is not possible, as there are no teachers actually using "unassisted discovery" in their classrooms. First, it is not possible to engage in the act of "unassisted discovery" as a student. Just knowing the language to […]