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“Thin slicing” and its effect on educators.

I’m reading Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Blink.  He uses a variety of arguments to show the power of information we can receive from a very small amount of information, and the subconscious ways we make decisions very quickly.  It’s a fascinating read, I highly recommend checking it out. One point he brings up a fair bit […]

Problem based learning in math

How does problem based learning work anyway?  According to Wikipedia, "Problem-based learning (PBL) is a student-centered instructional strategy in which students collaboratively solve problems and reflect on their experiences."  To me this means, choose problems which will reflect your curriculum and which students want to solve. Implementation of this in mathematics can be tricky for […]

Research based teaching

I’d like to be a research based teacher.  This means, if research comes out which is compelling and reliable and which suggests that an alternate approach to what I do will work better, then I’ll experiment and try that out.  If research tells us that people learn in a certain way, then I’ll need to […]

Authentic learning experiences

This year I have really tried to step up the process of bringing the real world into my mathematics class.  A major focus has been on using technology appropriately as a tool to help solve real life problems. Here are some examples:   Distance formula:  Finding an optimal (or near optimal) solution to the Traveling […]

The value of homework

So I was at a dinner party last night, and was the only high school teacher in a room of university students and academics.  It was quite an enjoyable night, and I got to reconnect with a bunch of old friends. Of course as a teacher, eventually the subject of what I do for a […]

Really interesting conversation on #edchat on Twitter

I participated for the first time a couple of days ago in this #edchat phenomena happening on Twitter.  Basically the idea is, everyone heads to the search page on Twitter and starts having a conversation through Twitter using the hashtag #edchat.  The resulting conversation is recorded and has many people who can listen in on […]

Summary of ETEC 533

So my ETEC 533 course has wrapped up, and it ended up being very enjoyable, although a lot of work.  We have just finished our group assignment which includes an online portion, and an essay which justifies the choices we made in creating our online resource. In this course we started by reviewing the theory behind […]

What about using hand-held devices in education?

As Dede, C., Salzman, M.C., Loften, R.B., Sprague, D. (1999) suggest, hand held devices can be powerful tools for education, when used appropriately.  Dede, et. al. (1999) indicate that the devices allow for subjects to be "immersed" in the learning, be provided with "spatial…[and]…multisensory" cues, be motivated by the use of the technology, and finally […]

20 reasons not to use a one to one laptop program in your school (and some solutions)

We have a 1 to 1 program right now at the school I’m at, and there are a lot of problems with it.  Initially I was for the program, but I am becoming more and more against it, especially with the current way our program is run.  Let me list the problems I’ve discovered so far:   […]

Curriculum Resources for IB Mathematical Studies

Here are some links to my schemes of work I am currently using for IB Mathematical Studies, for Year 1 and Year 2, created in collaboration with Craig Molla. IB Mathematical Studies Year 1 IB Mathematical Studies Year 2 I also have my personal unit plans for IB Mathematical Studies Year 2 available: IB Mathematical Studies Unit Plans