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BC’s personalized education plan

At 1:53 of this video, the BC Ministry of Education shares a need to give more flexibility into the current system for how, when, and where they learn, but they’ve forgotten an important option: what they learn. In a world where total knowledge is increasing at an exponential rate, it is impossible to determine what […]

New Math equals trouble, education expert says

The CBC just ran an article on the problems in our current math system which was terribly one-sided and an example of the worst kind of fear-mongering journalism. They are quoting an article by Michael Zwaagstra, an "educational expert" writing on behalf of the Frontier Centre for Public Policy. First, let’s examine the article written […]

The archive from the #BCed chat from June 13th

We had a fast and furious discussion on #BCed about personalized education tonight with our education minister, George Abbott ( @georgeabbott4bc on Twitter). I don’t have time for any analysis right now, but here’s the archive for the chat: Download archive in Excel 2010 format Download archive in Excel 2003 format Update: Read online here

The relationship between family income and FSA score

The Fraser Institute released their annual "report" on the Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA, a standardized exam given to 4th and 7th grade students in British Columbia) results. As usual there have been complaints about the validity of the results, and some interesting side stories. I decided to look at the Fraser institute’s results from a […]