Monthly Archives: November 2013

Workshop on Social Media for Students

I recently facilitated a workshop on social media for a school. I created two short videos to act as discussion starters, and then I created a workshop structure around the video clips that the school could use to facilitate the discussion with their students. Outline of a workshop for students on social media: Introduce me […]

Learning about shape

  As I watched my son over the past few days learn about shape, I am struck by not only how much we need to learn to make sense of the world, but also by how even simple things cannot be taken granted as known by children. My youngest son, who is about 20 months […]

A conversation with my son on place value

This is an excerpt from a conversation I had with my son while we were walking from the subway to the theatre. My son: Daddy, let’s play a number game. Me: Okay. What’s seven billion, nine hundred and ninety-nine million, nine hundred and ninety-nine plus one? My son: That’s too big Daddy, I can’t add […]

Teaching proof

I’m currently working on creating a sample sequence of lessons for teachers to use for a geometry unit. At this stage, students will have been exposed to (but will not necessarily have learned all of) geometric transformations, constructions, and some review on geometric vocabulary. My objective is to create a sequence of lessons which include: […]

Why teach math?

Why do we teach math? (Image source) It could be because the mathematical procedures that are taught in schools will be useful to students later, but I am pretty sure this is false. Almost everyone forgets those procedures as they get older because most people in our society use virtually none of the procedures they […]