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Educational chats on Twitter

If you are just getting started on Twitter, you might find this calendar, created by Sarah Kaiser, of educational chats useful. Click on the Google Calendar icon at the bottom of the calendar to subscribe.


About David

David is a Formative Assessment Specialist for Mathematics at New Visions for Public Schools in NYC. He has been teaching since 2002, and has worked in Brooklyn, London, Bangkok, and Vancouver before moving back to the United States. He has his Masters degree in Educational Technology from UBC, and is the co-author of a mathematics textbook. He has been published in ISTE's Leading and Learning, Educational Technology Solutions, The Software Developers Journal, The Bangkok Post and Edutopia. He blogs with the Cooperative Catalyst, and is the Assessment group facilitator for Edutopia. He has also helped organize the first Edcamp in Canada, and TEDxKIDS@BC.


... we connect on Sunday nights @ 5 pm pacific time! =)

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Cool. Thanks for sharing Sara. I recommend contacting Sarah Kaiser and asking her to add your #1stchat to the calendar.

Very hard to keep track of the comings and goings of all chats. Definitely should add on Saturday #satchat which is from 7:30 - *:30 a.m. EST This chat is for educational leaders.

My goal in the Fall is go through and find out which chats are active or have disappeared.

There are others missing also on this calendar.

Thanks for this calendar - it's very useful. I wonder if you could add the #AsiaELT chat which runs every other Tuesday at 11am - 12midday and 4-5pm (GMT+7 - Thailand time). The next chat is 7th August and then alternate Tuesdays from then on. The chat's for English teachers in Asia but open to English teachers anywhere.

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